GES Scholarship 2016

It has been 6 years that LNT & Partners together with other Law firms to sponsor for GES scholarship. We are honored to support young talents in law field to pursuit their dream of becoming a professional lawyer also empowering the next generations.

The ceremony took place at LNT & Partners’ office, in a friendly and cozy atmosphere. Let’s take a second to see those beautiful moments.

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Hội thảo “Kỹ năng phòng ngừa và giải quyết tranh chấp trong đầu tư quốc tế”

Tiến sĩ Lê Nết, Công ty luật LNT & Partners, sẽ có buổi trình bày tại Hội thảo “Kỹ năng phòng ngừa và giải quyết tranh chấp trong đầu tư quốc tế” do Sở Tư pháp Thành phố phối hợp với Quỹ IRZ (CHLB Đức) tổ chức vào ngày 21 và 22/11/2016 tại khách sạn Kim Đô, Quận 1. Phần trình bày của Tiến sĩ Lê Nết với nội dung liên quan đến những kỹ năng cần thiết của trọng tài viên bắt đầu vào 14:00 ngày 22/11/2016.

Meeting Hall in Kim Do hotel

Buồi hội thảo diễn ra dưới sự tham dự của các Sở ngành thành phố, các Ban quản lý của Thành phố có liên quan đến các dự án đầu tư có yếu tố nước ngoài, các tổ chức trọng tài thương mại của Việt Nam và các cá nhân, tổ chức có liên quan.

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Young ICCA Arbitration – Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

The special event – Young ICCA Arbitration will be occured on this 30 September 2016 at Hotel Novotel Saigon. There are 11 experts/ lawyers from regional well-known firms, such as: Baker & McKenzie, LNT & Partners, YKVN, Geneva, White & Case, VIAC (Vietnam International Arbitral Centre),….

Dr. Net Le is the representative of LNT & Partners to participate as a guest speaker to share about Arbitration in Vietnam.


Event details:…/…

Partner Quyen Hoang attended Trade Law Forum – Incheon 2016

We are pleased to share that Ms. Quyen Hoang – Partner at LNT was at the Trade Law Forum which took place at Icheon, Republic of Korea on 16th-18th, 2016. Ms. Quyen Hoang and the panel exaltedly discussed about “Sale of Goods and E-commerce Laws: Regional Roadmap towards Harmonization.” It was a open-minded discussion and did deliver the helpful information to the audience.

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Partner Quyen Hoang (the third person from the left)

In-House Congress Ho Chi Minh City 2016

LNT & Partners is delighted to present the third annual In-House Congress Ho Chi Minh City, which is part of the highly successful In-House Community Congress series, hosted by Pacific Business Press, will be held on 7 April 2016 at Lotte Legend Hotel Saigon.

In-House Congress Ho Chi Minh City 2016 will bring together leading in-house lawyers, CEOs, company directors and compliance professionals from both the private and public sectors in Vietnam. Delegates will participate in specific practice area workshops featuring prominent business leaders and private practice lawyers, hosted by leading law firms and industry experts.

Especially, Ms. Hoang Nguyen Ha Quyen, Partner in charge of Corporate practice at LNT & Partners will speak at the congress in a panel “The Biggest Challenges in my job are…?” and “A candid and off the record discussion on External Counsel Management, Cost Effectiveness and tried and trusted methods to enhance the reputation of the Legal Department“.

  • Ly C.T. Le, Legal and Public Affairs & Communications Director – Indochina, Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam
  • Jeff Olson, Partner, Ho Chi Minh City, Hogan Lovells
  • Eddie O’Shea, Senior Associate, Ho Chi Minh City, Hogan Lovells
  • Long Huynh, Senior Associate, Ho Chi Minh City, Hogan Lovells
  • Quynh-Anh Lam, Counsel, Hanoi, Hogan Lovells
  • Michael Sturrock, Partner, Singapore, Vice Chair of Global Corporate Department, Latham & Watkins
  • Posit Laohaphan, Partner, Hong Kong, Global Co-Chair Financial Institutions Industry Group, Latham & Watkins
  • Trinh Hoang, Associate, Hong Kong, Latham & Watkins
  • Hoang Nguyen Ha Quyen, Partner, LNT & Partners
  • Nguyen Huu Minh Nhut, Partner, Russin & Vecchi
  • Sesto E Vecchi, Partner, Russin & Vecchi
  • Vo Ha Duyen, Chairperson, VILAF
  • Nguyen Truc Hien, Ho Chi Minh City Office Managing Partner, VILAF
  • Patrick Dransfield, Publishing Director Asian-mena Counsel and Co-Director, In-House Community
  • Tim Gilkison, Director, In-House Community

08.30 – 09.00          Registration

09.00 – 10.30          Welcome Remarks by Tim Gilkison, Director, In-House Community. Followed by a panel discussion.

10.30 – 11.00          Networking Coffee Break

11.00 – 12.10           Practice Area Workshops – Session A

  • International Financing Options for Vietnamese Corporates
  • Investment Laws and Enterprise Laws

12.10 – 13.20           Lunch

13.20 – 14.30          Practice Area Workshops – Session B

  • Cross-border M&A in Vietnam
  • FCPA & Investigations

14.30 – 14.50          Networking Coffee Break

14.50 – 15.20          Practice Area Workshop – Session C

  • Competition regulations

15.20 – 16.00          Closing Panel

For further information and registration, please click HERE.

 Vietnam Law Insight

5th Annual Asia-Pacific Law Leaders Forum

5th Annual Asia-Pacific Law Leaders Forum

03 – 04 March 2016, 9:15 – 15:20

Maxwell Chambers, Singapore

On 3 – 4 March 2016, the conference “5th Annual Asia-Pacific Law Leaders Forum” will be held in Maxwell Chambers, Singapore with participations of leading lawyers across the region. The conference promises lively debate about recent enforcement developments and ongoing challenges in the region, as well as informative presentations by senior government regulators and expert in-house and outside counsel.

Dr Nguyen Anh Tuan, Partner, head of Competition practice at LNT & Partners will speak at the conference in the “Discussion on competition law in practice in the ASEAN region from practitioners’ perspective” session.

For more information and registration, please visit the official website

Click here for conference’s agenda: Conference schedule 2016.

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Global Business Law Seminar on 17th February, TOKYO

17th February 2016

Vietnam is now enhancing its attractiveness as an investment destination because of the economic integration of ASEAN and its participation in the TPP Agreement. Vietnam occupies a geopolitically important location, linking East Asia and West Asia by sea and land routes. Not only Japanese firms but also Chinese and Korean firms are keen to enter into this market in order to utilize fruits from the TPP Agreement.

To help Japanese investors in getting insight in Vietnamese Law, Ms. Hoang Nguyen Ha Quyen and Dr. Nguyen Anh TuanPartner at LNT & Partners gave a presentation at Global Business Law Seminar organized by Hitotsubashi University on 17th February 2016 in Tokyo, Japan. The presentation focuses on the Law on Enterprise and the Law on investment implemented in July 2015 from academic and practical viewpoints.

About the Speakers

Ms. Hoang Nguyen Ha Quyen


Ms. Quyen co-heads LNT & Partners’ Corporate practice group. She advises in matters of corporate and commercial compliance, mergers and acquisitions, contract drafting and negotiation, investment, labor, and intellectual property. She has been ranked by Chambers and Partners as a Corporate/M&A expert.

Dr. Nguyen Anh Tuan


Dr. Tuan leads LNT & Partners’ Bio-Pharmaceutical specialty group. He is recognized by the legal community as one of the few qualified competition law experts in Vietnam who has an in-depth understanding of international antitrust regulations and their application under the Vietnamese Competition Law.

By Vietnam Law Insight (LNT & Partners)

Asian Competition Forum 11th Annual Conference – Vietnam Law Insight

Asian Competition Forum 11th Annual Conference – Due Process and Transparency in Competition Law in Asia

30 November 2015 – 01 December 2015, 9:00 am5:00 pm (Save to cal)

Due Process and Transparency in Competition Law in Asia

This year’s ACF conference will look closely at issues of due process and transparency across competition regimes, a topic of substantial interest worldwide.

The Hong Kong Competition Ordinance coming into effect shortly after the conference takes place and, in addition, the recent passing of the Philippine Competition Act naturally raises questions as to due process and transparency in competition regulation in the Asian region. Furthermore, the business sector has consistently raised its concerns as to regulatory transparency in competition law. We will explore these issues and more at this year’s conference with a range of distinguished speakers including legal practitioners, economic experts and competition academics.

This year ACF is delighted to announce that The Honourable Chief Justice Robert Shenton French of the High Court of Australia will be our keynote speaker, drawing on his longstanding expertise to provide us with insight into the role of courts in competition law.

Dr Nguyen Anh Tuan, Partner, head of Competition practice at LNT & Partners will speak at the conference in the “Transparency and Due Process in Selected ASEAN Countries” session with a presentation  on “Comments from a Practical Perspective: Towards Procedural Transparency and Fairness in Vietnam’s Competition Regime”.

For more information and registration, please visit the official website. 

Registration for Delegates

Click here for conference’s agenda: Conference schedule 2015

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Hội thảo “Đánh giá 10 năm thực thi Luật Cạnh tranh: Góc nhìn từ phía doanh nghiệp”

Trong khuôn khổ chương trình rà soát tổng thể hệ thống phát luật cạnh tranh, nhằm tiếp nhận các ý kiến đánh giá khách quan từ các doanh nghiệp, Hiệp hội, ngành hàng về hiệu quả của công tác thực thi pháp luật cũng như các vấn đề thực tiễn phát sinh trong quá trình chấp hành pháp luật cạnh tranh tại doanh nghiệp, Cục Quản Lý Cạnh Tranh (Cục QLCT) – Bộ Công Thương tổ chức Hội thảo “Đánh giá 10 năm thực thi Luật Cạnh tranh: Góc nhìn từ phía doanh nghiệp”.

Thời gian: 8:00 – 12:00, Ngày 12 tháng 11 năm 2015

Địa điểm: Khách sạn Victory, số 14, Võ Văn Tần, Q.3, T.P. Hồ Chí Minh


Thời gian: 8:00 – 12:00, Ngày 12 tháng 11 năm 2015
Địa điểm: Khách sạn Victory, số 14, Võ Văn Tần, Q.3, T.P. Hồ Chí Minh
Thời gian Nội dung
8:00 -8:30 Đăng ký đại biểu
8:30 – 8:45 Phát biểu khai mạc
Ông Trần Anh Sơn
Phó Cục trưởng Cục Quản lý cạnh tranh (Cục QLCT)
8:45 – 9:00 Giới thiệu tổng quan về các  hoạt động thực thi và tình hình thực thi pháp luật cạnh tranh giai đoạn 2005-2015
Diễn giả: Ông Phùng Văn Thành

Phó trưởng phòng Điều tra vụ việc hạn chế cạnh tranh, Cục QLCT
9:00 – 9:15 Tham luận 1:
Thực tiễn vận dụng Luật Cạnh tranh tại doanh nghiệp trong ngành hàng Tiêu dùng nhanh, hóa mỹ phẩm – những khó khăn, vướng mắc đã gặp trong thực tiễn và một số khuyến nghị hoàn thiện Luật Cạnh tranh
Diễn giả: Ông Trần Võ Quốc Sơn
Đại diện Unilever Việt Nam
9:15- 9:30 Tham luận 2:
Thực tiễn vận dụng Luật Cạnh tranh tại doanh nghiệp – những khó khăn, vướng mắc đã gặp trong thực tiễn và một số khuyến nghị hoàn thiện Luật Cạnh tranh
Diễn giả: Ông Nguyễn Anh Tuấn
Đại diện Công ty Luật LNT & partner
9:30 – 9:45 Tham luận 3:
Thực tiễn vận dụng Luật Cạnh tranh trong lĩnh vực Bán hàng đa cấp – những khó khăn, vướng mắc đã gặp trong thực tiễn và một số khuyến nghị hoàn thiện Luật Cạnh tranh
Diễn giả: Luật sư Võ Đan Mạch
Đại diện Hiệp hội Bán hàng đa cấp Việt Nam
9:45 – 10:00 Nghỉ giải lao giữa giờ
10:00 – 10:15 Tham luận 4:
Đánh giá 10 năm thực thi Luật cạnh tranh – góc nhìn từ Công ty TNHH FrieslandCampina Việt Nam
Diễn giả: Ông Trương Văn Toàn
Giám Đốc Đối Ngoại & Pháp Lý, Công ty TNHH Friesland Campina
10:15-10:30 Tham luận 5:
Thực tiễn vận dụng Luật Cạnh tranh của Công ty Bảo hiểm – những khó khăn, vướng mắc và một số khuyến nghị hoàn thiện Luật Cạnh tranh
Diễn giả: Luật Sư Phạm Thanh Hải
Giám Đốc Pháp Lý Tổng Công Ty Cổ Phần Bảo Minh
10:30 – 10:45 Tham luận 6:
Thực tiễn vận dụng Luật Cạnh tranh – Một số vướng mắc
Diễn giả: Bà Trần Chi Anh
Đại diện Công ty Luật Baker Mckenzie
10:45 – 11:00 Tham luận 7:
Thực tiễn vận dụng Luật Cạnh tranh ở một số doanh nghiệp – những khó khăn, vướng mắc và một số khuyến nghị hoàn thiện Luật Cạnh tranh
Diễn giả: Luật sư Lê Quang Vy
Giám đốc Công ty Luật Việt Long Thăng (VLT Lawyers)
11:00 – 11:45 Thảo luận ý kiến từ các doanh nghiệp tham gia
11:45 – 12:00 Tổng kết và bế mạc Hội thảo

Để đăng kí tham dự hội thảo, xin mời quý vị đại diện các công ty, tổ chức vui lòng gửi email đăng kí về địa chỉ: Để đảm bảo chất lượng hội thảo, số lượng người tham dự sẽ được giới hạn, vì vậy trong trường hợp bạn không đăng kí thành công, chúng tôi thành thực xin lỗi.

Tiêu đề: Đăng kí tham dự hội thảo Luật cạnh tranh

Nội dung:

Tên người tham dự:

Đơn vị:



Lưu ý: đề phù hợp với mục đích và chương trình hội thảo, hội thảo chỉ dành cho đại điện các công ty, doanh nghiệp, tổ chức và các đơn vị thực thi luật cạnh tranh, trường học. Xin chân thành cảm ơn.

By Vietnam Law Insight

The Road to AEC & Mekong Region 2015 and Beyond: Key Legal, Tax & Business Aspects for Investment

Information updates on legal, tax issues & key commercial insights for investors/business operators to tap new investment opportunities in the AEC market including CLMV.  LNT & Partners is proud to inform you that Mr. Hong Bui, partner at LNT will speak at “The Road to AEC & Mekong Region 2015 and Beyond: Key Legal, Tax & Business Aspects for Investment” conference.

The year 2015 marks an important milestone for ASEAN on its journey towards deeper economic integration through the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). With the fast approaching deadline, businesses and those representing them in the ten ASEAN countries need be prepared for the free flow of goods and services as well as the unavoidable movement of labor and the challenges facing market integration. Organizations are also facing a whole lot of challenges in regulations and taxation to comply with new rules and taxation system.

Asia Business Connect  is organizing “The Road to AEC & Mekong Region 2015 and Beyond: Key Legal, Tax & Business Aspects for Investment” conference in Bangkok. The conference will provide first-hand information updates & key business/commercial insights for those investors/business operators planning to tap new investment opportunities (or those already operated in but need to acquire latest insights & business strategies) in the AEC market. In particular, investment aspects for expanding into the Mekong region (CLMV countries) will be addressed. Participants will exchange views and discuss important and timely with top notch authorities, legal & tax experts and high-profile business leaders from Thailand and in the region.

LNT & Partners is proud to inform you that Mr. Hong Bui, partner at LNT will speak at the conference. Mr. Bui is famous for his knowledge in M&A, foreign investment and Vietnam corporate matters. He has aided foreign investors in their commercial objectives in all aspects of investment in Vietnam, and is familiar with establishing businesses and contractual arrangements, asset or company acquisitions, private equity matters and business restructurings. His representation will feature the legal environment and investment opportunities in Vietnam:


  • Recent legal developments and Vietnam’s inbound incentives legislation
  • Negotiating key legal issues in cross-border
  • Major legal risks in implementation and management of cross-border


  • Investment promotion and facilitation in the AEC: key challenges for Thailand to invest in the region
  • Land ownership and usage laws & restrictions impacting foreign businesses in CLMV
  • Special Key Take-Away that you cannot miss
    • Myanmar’s year in ASEAN – potential opportunities and risks consideration
    • Key consideration on ‘legal’ issues for investment in Philippines
    • What are the key contracts in the region for companies growing their business in Vietnam
  • Targeting and selecting the right business partners in CLMV: key issues to be considered and recommended actions

If you have any queries about this event, please call +66(0)2714 1616 (Automatic line), Hotline: +66(0)87 029 3939 or contact us online

“Vietnam Law on Investment and Law on Enterprises” seminar on 8th October, TOKYO

“Vietnam Law on Investment and Law on Enterprises – From Adoption to Implementation”, on 8th October in Tokyo.

As you may know, It has been almost a year since the date new Law on Investment and Law on Enterprises approved by the Vietnam National Assembly and almost 3 months since theirs officially effective date on July 1st, 2015. The new LoI and LoE has brought a significant chance for foreign investors to invest into Vietnam. Therefore, LNT & Partners, together with Hitotsubashi University ICS, Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners and Mori Hamada & Matsumoto law firm, will organize a seminar in this October in Tokyo to update you on the new law.

Information: (Please CLICK HERE for full agenda)
Date and Time: Thursday, 8th October, 2015
Time: 17:00 – 20:00, followed by a networking.
Venue: 1 Floor of  Gakujutsu Sogo Center, 2-1-2 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda, Tokyo.
Fee: Charge-free
Language: English
Register: Required. Maximum of 50 attendants
Organizer: Hitotsubashi University ICS
Supporters: Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners, Mori Hamada & Matsumoto and LNT & Partners.

Speakers include:

  1. Mr Quach Ngoc Tuan, Deputy Director of the Legal Department, Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI)
  2. Mr. Phan Duc Hieu, Director of Business Environment And Competitiveness Department, Vietnam Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM)
  3. Mr. Bui Ngoc Hong, Partner, LNT & Partners
  4. Ms. Kayoko Naito, Partner, Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners
  5. Mr. Shigehiko Ishimoto, Partner, Mori Hamada & Matsumoto

If you are interested in attending the seminar, please reply to let us know by 30th September, register to Ms Trang Dang at:

As the number of seats is limited (50 in total), so I’d appreciated if you could confirm in your earliest convenience so I can secure a position for you. We apologize in advance for this space limitation

Recap – Seminar: “Law on Investment 2015 in Action”

Today, 14th August, the BBGV Breakfast seminar with the presence of Mr Tuan, Deputy Director of the Legal Department of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, drew a great attention from top-level of inhouse counsels  and lawyers in Hochiminh City.

During 2 hours of the seminar, majors changes in the new Investment Law has been indicated and clarified. Main concerns surrounded the IRC, ERC and how the new law will be effective and helpful for foreign investors. Below are some main points from the Q&A session:

  1. Regarding M&A process and local department of planning and investment (DPI) approval: the timeline of 15 days are for the DPI to approve. The DPI does not need to check with the Ministries except for cases that need to be approved in principle under the LOI.
  2. Regarding business line that does not fall into WTO restriction but under 267 conditional sectors, the conditions are listed on If the process and conditions are not clear please inform MPI to seek guideline.
  3. Regarding the request of Decree 23/2007 that any distribution related project need to obtain MOIT approval, the approval, if any, will be after issuance of the IRC. This will follow the upcoming Decree implementing the LOI.
  4. The principle is that ERC is for establishment of a legal entity. IRC is for investing in a project. Those are not related. IRC will be issued by either DPI or Industrial Zone Authority (IZA).
  5. If investors only wish to change the business line but not the current project, they don’t need to amend IRC not ERC.
  6. Any conditions not listed in 267 shall not be effective.
  7. As to IRC form, item 6 Art 39 (business objective) there is no need for CPC or HS code. HS code is for ERC and due to request of A different ministry. MPI is requesting MOIT to reform . MPI will discuss with MOIT and MOF on HS code with MOIT for final decision.
  8. Those are the guidance from MPI that  are stated in OL 5122 and will be stated in the Decree implementing the LOI. If the local DPI and IZA has different opinion please contact MPI for guidance.

Thank you for such a great event and we’ll keep you updated on new movement of the law.

By Vietnam Law Insight (LNT & Partners)

Disclaimer: This Briefing is for information purposes only. Its contents do not constitute legal advice and should not be regarded as detailed advice in individual cases. For more information, please contact the author: Dr Le Net at us or visit the website: Http://

BBGV Breakfast Seminar: Law on Investment 2015 in Action

Event details

The BBGV is hosting a Breakfast Seminar about: Law on Investment 2015 in Action.

LNT & Partners proudly supports and speaks at this event.

Please join Mr Tuan, Deputy Director of the Legal Department of the Ministry of Planning and Investment and Dr Net from LNT & Partners as they provide information on the new provision in the investment law; how it can affect your business structure and discuss whether the new provisions provide an improved investment climate for foreign owned companies.

Date and Time: Friday 14th August 2015, from 7:30AM to 9:00AM

Venue: Cat Ba Room, InterContinental Asiana Saigon, HCMC

The new Law on Investment became effective in July 2015, purported to make landscape reform to Vietnam business environment for foreign investors. How this new law will affect the business in practice and benefit your business? How would current projects already invested in Vietnam co-op with the new law? What would be the procedure for foreign investors to establish or acquire a company in Vietnam? How about the HS Code requirement in the Investment Registration Certificate?

These Questions will be answered by Mr Quach Ngoc Tuan, Deputy Director of the Legal Department of the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) and Dr Le Net, partner at LNT & Partners.

Entrance Fees: – BBGV Members: VND 500,000 – Non-members: VND 600,000

RSVP to Nga at or call 08 3829 8430

Reservations not cancelled within 48 hours of the event will be charged as will no-shows and invoiced.

About the Speakers

Mr Quach Ngoc Tuan

Mr Quach Ngoc Tuan is the Deputy Director of the Legal Department of the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI).  He was the key person in the drafting committee of the Law on Investment, as well as the Decree implementing the new Law on Investment. Before joining MPI, Mr Tuan worked at the People’s Court of Ninh Binh Province.

Dr Le Net

Dr Net 1

Le Net is a partner at LNT & Partners, in charge of infrastructure, international arbitration and financial services. He has more 18 years of experience, and was a leading counsel in ICC arbitrations and awarded Lawyer of the Year in 2012 by the Ministry of Justice’s Law Journal.  Net was behind many complex cross-border infrastructure, M&A, banking and finance transactions.  Net is also an arbitrator of Vietnam International Arbitration Centre, and a member of Vietnam Bar Federation’s National Council.

Net co-founded LNT & Partners, one of the major leading Vietnam law firms, being the only Vietnam law firm ranked in FT 25 Innovative Lawyers 2015 by Financial Times, and Vietnam Deal Firm of the Year in 2014 by ALB Thomson Reuters.

Final LNT breakfast seminar

Vietnam M&A Forum 2015

Ending the first phase 2008 – 2013, Vietnam has witnessed a wave of M&A, recognized as the first wave. The first wave took place in the context of fluctuations in the stock market, the efforts of enterprises to restructure and survive the global crisis. During this period, M&A in Vietnam grew five-fold from US $ 1 billion to $ 5 billion.

Starting in 2014, the market began to pick up the new wave, known as the second wave occurred in 5 years from 2014 to 2018: the commitment of equitization of large state-owned enterprises; the rise of the private sector companies, the interest of foreign capital flows for investment opportunities and M&A activities in Vietnam.

In 2015, after a year starting in the new wave, the business began to have specific strategies. For domestic enterprises namely “Countdown to the next market boom”. Analysts pointed out that if we do not attract foreign investment, the equitization plans of state enterprises in Vietnam will face many difficulties. Therefore, finding funds are particularly important problem. Within each business, attracting capital and gathering resources for M&A are also very important, only a handful of businesses have performed well such as Masan, Pan Pacific. Besides finding the capital, choose the opportunity to now the focus will be discussed in the forum of this M&A in 2015. In this stage, potential M&A opportunities in Vietnam are huge: Opportunities from the company are in demand selling to restructure; program opportunities from equitization of State Enterprises. However, among the number of potential opportunities, only a few of them that can bring great value to the business.

Forum M&A Vietnam 2015 will take the time to assess the trend of M&A in the vibrant sector today such as banks – financial, food and FMCG, technology and commerce, ecommerce. Besides, the issues of strategy and M&A techniques will also be discussed and shared like boom growth strategy Breakthrough, valuation in M&A.

In the framework of the Vietnam M&A Forum 2015 will be held with key activities include: Exhibition and Promotion of Investment, voting typical M&A deals and Banquet-Gala Dinner in GEM Center, HCMC 06/08/2015.

For Ticket, please click HERE


Speakers and Panel at this year Vietnam M&A forum are Policy Makers, M&A Experts from all areas related to M&A. Especially, Mr. Hong Bui, Co-head of M&A practice from LNT & Partners will join the Panel in session 1: Policy Dialogue. With his intensive experience in handling legal side of M&A deals, he’ll definitely bring interesting points of view to the discussion.


Agenda | VIETNAM M&A FORUM 2015


Time: 9h00 – 12h00


13:00- 14:00             Register

14:00- 14:30             Opening session –      Welcome Speech: Dr. Nguyen Anh Tuan – Vietnam Investment’s Editor-in-Chief, Head of the Organizing Committee of the Vietnam M&A Forum 2015. –      Speech by Vice Minister, Ministry of Planning & Investment.  

14:30- 15:30             TOPIC 1: POLICY DIALOGUE

–      Policy changes in recent time: New Amendment to the Investment Law and Law on Enterprise which will come into effect soon on 1 July 2015; and the Government’s policy to open room for foreign investors in many sectors. These issues will hold great interest from investment companies in Vietnam and at abroad and will be raised on the Forum this year.


  • Mr. Vu Bang – President, The State Securities Commission Of Vietnam (or Mr. Nguyen Thanh Long – Vice President)
  • Mr Nguyen Huu Nghia, Chief Supervisor of the SBV
  • Mr Dang Quyet Tien,Deputy Head of Corporate Finance – Ministry of Finance
  • Mr Phan Duc Hieu, Head of Business Environment and Competitiveness Department, CIEM
  • Mr. Seck Yee Chung, Partner, Baker & Mckenzie
  • Representative from Deloitte Vietnam
  • Mr. Bui Ngoc Hong, Partner, LNT & Partners
  • Dr. Nguyen Anh Tuan (Vietnam Investment Review’s Editor-in-chief, Moderator)

 15:30 – 16:00           Networking Break  


–      Looking back on the movement of M&A capital flows into Vietnam for the last time and assess future prospect.  –      Regarding the recent policy changes (opening room, relaxing business conditions in the New Investment Law and the Lawon Enterprise…), is there a possibility for M&A market boom  in Vietnam in the following time? Evaluation of the M&A capital inflows from Japan, South Korea, Thailand, other ASEAN countries, the US and Europe?

–      Assessment of opportunities of the equitization progress when the Vietnamese government decided to open room andstrongly promote the divestment in new sectors such as seaports, airports, large-scale state-owned enterprises. What are the quality deals for international investors?  


  • Mr. John Ditty, Chairman, KPMG Vietnam
  • Mr.Masataka SamYoshida, Senior Managing Director, RECOF Corporation
  • Mr. Paul DiGiacomo, Managing Director, BDA Partner HongKong
  • Mr. Nguyen Vinh Tran, General Director of Jen Capital
  • Mr. Nhu Đinh Hoa, General Director, BVSC
  • Ms.Dang Pham Minh Loan, Deputy Managing Director, VinaCapital (Coordinator).


–      Sharing experience from successful deals in Vietnam.

–      What is strategy to develop the company and expand market in Vietnam. 

–      Experience on how to optimize the selling and buying business

–      Experience on negotiating with foreign partners

–      Build and Develop business for sale, a new trend and business opportunity for Vietnamese enterprises.


  • Mr. Stephane Gripon, Director of Mondelez Kinh Do
  • Mr. Chu Chee Kwang, General Manager of Nam Long Ltd, Co
  • Mr. Katsumi Mizuno, Director, General Manager, Overseas Business Division, Business Planning Dept., Credit Saison
  • Mr Johan Nyvene, CEO HSC
  • Mr Le Kim Hoa, Vice CEO, BIDV
  • Representative from the company which has been involved in the M&A deal in Vietnam
  • Dr. Nguyen Cong Ai, Deputy General Manager of KPMG Vietnam (Moderator)

18:30- 19:00             Cocktail & Networking

19:00 – 21.00           Gala Dinner & Deal Awards  


For Ticket, please click HERE


ASEAN Tax/Thai Tax Summit 2015

ASEAN Tax/Thai Tax Summit 2015
Opportunities & Challenges from Tax Changes for Outbound & Inbound Investment


Keep abreast of the latest tax issues and policies in Thailand & key AEC countries to enhance competitiveness and managing tax risks for AEC integration

As a result of the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), the ASEAN region is set to see a freer movement of goods, services, investment, skilled labor and capital among its member countries. We will need to make sure that all relevant regional regulatory frameworks, including the area of regional tax integration arrangements, will be sufficiently suitable and appropriate for facilitating the single market and other regional economic goals.

This year’s conference on ASEAN Tax/Thai Tax Summit 2015 will highlight all the key potential implications to explore the challenges and opportunities including latest government policy & scenarios on tax restructuring to enhance competitiveness and preparation for AEC, effective tax planning strategies for AEC 2015 and their impact on businesses.  In addition, this ASEAN Tax/Thai Tax Summit 2015 will update on customs & international trade & FTA, cross-border tax dispute settlement, cross-border transactions and tax risk management, corporate taxation, Board of Investment (BOI) tax holidays, recent changes in transfer pricing, indirect tax, anti-tax avoidance, VAT, CLMV key tax updates and much more.

We are delighted to announce that Dr Net Le from LNT & Partners will join the panel speaker of ASEAN Tax/Thai Tax Summit 2015 and give a presentation on the session: “Insights into the Workings of the General Anti-Avoidance Rule”, on following main points:

  • New anti-avoidance rules around ASEAN and how they affect tax planning
  • Anti-avoidance principles – Evolution
  • Assessing and comparing the recent trends in the area of GAARs
  • Key lesson learned and case examples

Attendees will get the most comprehensive updates on key tax updates for both AEC and Thailand.


  • Date: 25-26 June 2015
  • Time: 8:00am – 5:30pm
  • Venue: The Landmark Hotel Bangkok, 138 Sukhumvit Rd, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110

For more information and registration, please Go to the event’s website

Pleas click here for the eBrochure_Conference on ASEAN Tax-Thai Tax Summit 2015.


  • Hear outstanding case study on “Cross-border transactions & tax risk management”
  • Tax updates/discussions toward AEC integration in 2015
  • Gathering Thailand’s tax authorities and top tax experts
  • Find out the latest tax developments in countries such as Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and Indonesia
  • Executive roundtable discussion “Emerging taxation issues for ASEAN countries and impacts of regional integration on taxation”
  • Insights into the workings of the general anti-avoidance rule
  • Case Study: Cross Border Transactions and Investment in Cambodia

For online registration: 

Midterm Vietnam Business Forum 2015

On June 9, the Vietnam Business Forum Consortium, in collaboration with the Ministry of Planning and Investment and the World Bank Group, held the Midterm Vietnam Business Forum 2015 in Hanoi with theme “Enhancing Enterprise Competitiveness for Global Integration” and the presence of Prime Minister H.E. Mr. NGUYEN TAN DUNG. This Forum was a valued opportunity for a structured dialogue between the Vietnamese Government, local and foreign businesses and the donor community to improve the business environment in Vietnam.

Beside sponsoring for the forum, LNT & Partners attended and raised insightful comments on the new Law on Investment and Law on Enterprise. The forum started with the Review of Business Climate by Chamber of Commerce from Vietnam, Korean, European, and American. On this midterm gathering, they focused on 3 main issues followed:

  1. The Issues of implementation of new Laws on Investments, Enterprises, Housing, Real Estate Business and Immigration on Trade, Tourism and Investment;
  2. Needs for positive growth on Banking and Capital Markets; and
  3. Infrastructure – Requirements for PPP implementations, port strengthening and power generation needs in Master Plan VII.

Please click the link to download the relevant documents from VBF:

Midterm VBF 2015 – VBF Co-Chair Speech

Midterm VBF 2015 – Short Report – ENG

Midterm VBF 2015 – Full Report – ENG

 Reported by: Vietnam Law Insight

5th ASEAN Competition Conference: “Advancing Competition Policy and Law Post-2015”

“Advancing Competition Policy and Law Post-2015: Progress, Opportunities and Challenges”

The 5th ASEAN Competition Conference will be held from 4-5 June 2015 at the Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers (Ballrooms 1-2, 3rd floor) located at No. 88 Dong Khoi Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

The year 2015 marks an important milestone for ASEAN on its journey towards deeper economic integration through the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). ASEAN Member States (AMS) have increased their efforts to put into place key measures to enhance the trade and investment climate while strengthening the legal frameworks for competition, consumer protection and intellectual property rights. In line with the commitments under the AEC Blueprint, seven AMS have enacted competition laws; six have already set up a dedicated competition agency, with the remaining countries expected to follow suit by 2016. Efforts are on-going to develop a regional cooperation framework that will – in the long run – allow for greater cooperation in the handling of cross-border competition cases.

The imminent realisation of the AEC 2015 calls for a closer look at the scope and state of ASEAN integration, as well as its implications for businesses and consumers. The challenges are multi-fold: How can economic potentials presented by the larger market of the AEC be unlocked? The private sector and civil society are aware of ASEAN but more work is required to enhance their understanding so that they can take advantage of the new opportunities. How can ASEAN meet the expectations and promises associated with an AEC in 2015? What are the perspectives – and potential challenges – for competition policy in this context?

As ASEAN works out its comprehensive post-2015 vision, it will be important to be mindful and realistic about communicating what the AEC 2015 means and entails. The formal establishment of the AEC 2015, with its single market and production base, will ultimately put the compliance of Member States with regional commitments to the test: effective integration does not only rely on intensified regional cooperation, but also requires continued regulatory reforms and institutional development in the Member States. This is particularly relevant when it comes to promoting fair competition in ASEAN.

The ASEAN Competition Conference (ACC) series is the flagship annual event spearheaded by the ASEAN Experts Group on Competition (AEGC). It was first convened in 2011 in Bali, Indonesia, and has since become an important platform for reaching out to a broader public and inform about recent developments as well as share best practices in Competition Policy and Law (CPL) in ASEAN.

Competitive Neutrality – Maintaining a Level Playing Field between Public and Private Business

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Tuan Nguyen from LNT & Partners is giving a speech on “Competitive Neutrality – Maintaining a Level Playing Field between Public and Private Business” session at the conference. This session will shed light on the concept of competitive neutrality which is gaining ground in international discussions and essentially entails that the same set of rules applies to public and private businesses. With the objective of safeguarding efficiency, this serves to ensure that business activities by the government do not have competitive advantage over private businesses, simply by virtue of government ownership or control. However, in practice, many competition agencies across the world are faced with considerable challenges, for example when it comes to a lack of transparency in public procurement. The session will address some of the main issues surrounding competition policy vis-à-vis state-owned enterprises (SOEs) or what is sometimes called “government-linked monopolies”. It will share selected national good practices promoting competitive neutrality, among others from the work of OECD and UNCTAD’s Research Partnership Platform.

For more information and register for the conference, please go the event website:

About the speaker: Dr. Nguyen Anh Tuan

Dr. Anh Tuan Nguyen leads the firm’s Competition and Bio-Pharmaceutical specialty group. This specialty group has broad practical experience in antitrust and unfair competition matters, including compliance training and the review of contractual arrangements, corporate restructuring, advertising and market entry strategies, along with specific experience in dispute settlement relating to competition claims. Multinational companies in the pharmaceutical, FMCG and consumer goods industries regularly seek Dr. Nguyen’s expert advice in matters concerning importation, distribution, sales and competition. Dr Nguyen is recognized by the legal community as one of the few qualified competition law experts in Vietnam who has an in-depth understanding of international antitrust regulations and their application under the Vietnamese Competition Law. In 2014, his specialty group received recognition from Finance Monthly as Antitrust/Competition Law Firm of the Year. He is one of firm’s co-founders.

For more information and register for the conference, please go the event website:

If you have any question regarding to the Conference, please do not hesitate to contact 1. Ms. Tran Thi Minh Phuong Mobile: +94 9127 38 230 Email: 2. Ms. Vu Thi Thanh Mai Mobile: +94 9361 085 33 Email:

ALB SE Asia In-house Legal Summit 2015, 27 May, Singapore

The 12th Annual In-House Legal Summit, organized by Asian Legal Business, Thomson Reuters, will take place on the 27th of May at the Carlton Hotel, Singapore.

This summit will focus on key areas of interests for in-house legal practitioners from across the region, and will offer a great opportunity to learn from and network with key in-house and external legal experts.

SEA 2015 IHLS banner 800x195-1H

With over 150 senior in-house and C-suite representatives, this full-day summit will address major concerns of in-house counsels, including:

  • What are the best investment strategies for both Vietnam and Myanmar, and what should you be concerned about?
  • How you can manage the in-house legal department as a high-performing business, and stay ahead of the curve
  • What are the key issues to be aware of regarding legal and compliance ethics in the region?
  • What are the next steps for in-house legal teams to take when considering forthcoming ASEAN Integration?
  • How can the use of technology help drive the function of an in-house legal team.

Particularly, Managing Partner of LNT & Partners, Ms. Quyen Hoang, will join this year’s conference as a Moderator for the session: Managing the legal department as a high performing business- how in-house counsel can stay ahead of the curve” with a focus on:

  • Improving interactions with external counsels
  • How in-house teams can be innovative in their roles, and what innovation means for an in-house lawyer
  • Transforming from a legal advisor to a business strategist
  • Career progression options and advice for the In-House Counsel

Moderator: Nguyen Ha Quyen Hoang – Managing Partner – LNT & Partners (Vietnam)


  • James Lau-Company Secretary & Chief Legal Officer – NatSteel Holdings Pte Ltd.;
  • Rebecca Tai – Head of Legal- Ezion Holdings Limited;
  • Stanley Park – MD/Head of Legal APAC – Scotiabank Global Banking & Markets;
  • Jonathan A. C. Wise – Executive Director Head of Legal, Singapore & SE Asia – Nomura Singapore Limited

In-house legal experts and C-suite individuals are cordially invited to attend this important legal and regulatory update session, please REGISTER HERE

For the full agenda of the event, please CLICK HERE.

By Vietnam Law Insight.


IPBA 25th, Hong Kong – “State Owned Enterprises: Its Unique Features & Unique Challenges”

The Inter-Pacific Bar Association’s 25th Annual Meeting and Conference will be held from 6 – 9 May 2015 in Hong Kong.This international legal conference will bring together IPBA members, corporate lawyers, international business lawyers and colleagues from all over the region with the theme: Vision for the Future.

Dr Net Le, Partner at LNT & PARTNERS, Head of Arbitration and Financial Services Practices, will be speaking at IPBA this year in the session “State Owned Enterprises: Its Unique Features & Unique Challenges”.

This session will consider state owned enterprises (SOE’s) from an honest perspective, and more specifically will discuss how  SOE’s are different from private enterprises in terms of their internal approval process, non-business considerations, etc. The panelists will present informed solutions and advise on how to manage cross border investment transactions, and joint ventures with SOE’s. Also to be discussed are recent trends on the privatization of SOE’s against the backdrop of the transformation of command economies into market economies vis-à-vis the realities of the SOE’s negotiating leverage, exemptions and incentives and their continuing presence in large scale investments, infrastructures and resources, utilities, and communications

Please join us in this interesting conversation with the following details:

Topic: “State Owned Enterprises: Its Unique Features & Unique Challenges”. (CBIC Series A: The Future Cross Border Landscape)

Date: Saturday, May 9, 2015

Time: 08:30-10:00

Room: Theater 1, HongKong Convention and Exhibition Center
Committee: CBIC.

You can go to IPBA 25th website for more information about IPBA and registration.

Vietnam M&A Seminar in Japan

On November 26th, 2014, in Vietnam, the Investment Law 2014 and the Enterprise Law 2014 were approved in the National Assembly, for the purpose of the further promotion of M&A and other investment activity by foreign companies. The Investment Law 2014 and the Enterprise Law 2014 are to be in effect from July 1st, 2015.

In this seminar, attorneys from the Vietnamese law firm of LNT & Partners (LNT) will speak about the Investment Law 2014 and the Enterprise Law 2014, as well as other laws and regulations in Vietnam regarding M&A, tax and labor systems, and contract enforcement (by, among other things, making comparisons with Indonesia, Myanmar, and Thailand), and under the assumption that there may be Japanese companies that are carry out M&A and other investment activity in Vietnam. Furthermore, attorneys from the law firm of Blakemore & Mitsuki (B&M) that have deep expertise in such subject areas will make comments about points to consider from the viewpoint of Japanese companies. In addition, a certified public accountant from Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC (EY) will speak about accounting-related issues.

This seminar is perfect for any companies that are considering making inroads into Vietnam, or any companies that have already entered the Vietnam market but are seeking to use M&A to further expand business operations. In only 5 hours and 25 minutes, it is a great way to get the most up-to-date legal information on the most important subject areas.

For a more detail calendar, please click here

Please click here to make your request to reserve your seat for “Vietnam M&A seminar”