Midterm Vietnam Business Forum 2015

On June 9, the Vietnam Business Forum Consortium, in collaboration with the Ministry of Planning and Investment and the World Bank Group, held the Midterm Vietnam Business Forum 2015 in Hanoi with theme “Enhancing Enterprise Competitiveness for Global Integration” and the presence of Prime Minister H.E. Mr. NGUYEN TAN DUNG. This Forum was a valued opportunity for a structured dialogue between the Vietnamese Government, local and foreign businesses and the donor community to improve the business environment in Vietnam.

Beside sponsoring for the forum, LNT & Partners attended and raised insightful comments on the new Law on Investment and Law on Enterprise. The forum started with the Review of Business Climate by Chamber of Commerce from Vietnam, Korean, European, and American. On this midterm gathering, they focused on 3 main issues followed:

  1. The Issues of implementation of new Laws on Investments, Enterprises, Housing, Real Estate Business and Immigration on Trade, Tourism and Investment;
  2. Needs for positive growth on Banking and Capital Markets; and
  3. Infrastructure – Requirements for PPP implementations, port strengthening and power generation needs in Master Plan VII.

Please click the link to download the relevant documents from VBF:

Midterm VBF 2015 – VBF Co-Chair Speech

Midterm VBF 2015 – Short Report – ENG

Midterm VBF 2015 – Full Report – ENG

 Reported by: Vietnam Law Insight

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