New Regulation on Automobile Transportation Activities

Circular 10/2015/TT-BGTVT dated 15 April 2015 regulating on the responsibilities and handling of violations relating to automobile transportation activities. (Click here for the full Circular in Vietnamese)

Circular 10/2015/TT-BGTVT dated 15 April 2015 on stipulating the responsibilities and penalties with regard to the abovementioned; (“Circular 10”) is in replacement of Circular 55/2013/TT-BGTVT dated 26 December 2013 (“Circular 55”) on the same matter and will take effect on 01 June 2015.

In addition to the 4 main applicable subjects stipulated under Circular 55 including directorate applicable to the roads of Vietnam which are transport services of provinces and centrally-affiliated cities; transport business unit by vehicles, business units of bus station, freight car stations and rest stops, it appears that the commodity owners, longshoreman and establishments providing journey monitoring services are also governed under the jurisdiction of Circular 10.  Some certain noticeable points of Circular 10 are mentioned as follows:

Obligations of organizations engaging in the passenger transport business

By providing the specific responsibilities of organizations engaging in the passenger transport business, this Circular 10 is expected to help established businesses understand clearly how they must comply according to their responding scope of services. Of note, Circular 10 provides and explains the responsibilities of organizations providing equipment for journey monitoring which includes the requirement on the development of data explorer software under QCVN 31:2014/BGTVT.

With respect to establishments that are engaging in the passenger transport business under contracts or transport for tourists, it is required that such organisations are responsible for (i) signing one transport contract for each correlative journey; (ii) registering for and notifying the municipal Department of Transport of terms and provisions of transport contracts in case of using automobiles with the capacity of more than 10 (ten) passengers for transportation. Furthermore, the duties of organisations having business activities in bus stations, freight automobile stations, and rest stops are also stipulated in detail in Article 10, and favour the rights and interests of passengers.

Various types of penalties for different violations

With the principle suggesting that the penalties under Circular 10 only apply when organisations and individuals violate the responsibilities of the organisation, the management of businesses in road transport by cars, and road transportation supporting services, would not be remedied from the warning notice of the first violation or violate for the second time within 1 year, it seems that Circular 10 creates the condition in which the organizations and individuals can deal with, and remedy,  their breaches by themselves first before having the provided penalties applied to them under the laws.

Determining the types of penalties that may be applied for the breached organizations and individuals under Circular 10 is very clear. More specifically, the highest punishment applied to the breaching organisations that are providing equipment for journey monitoring is revocation of organisations’ licenses for satisfying requirements for monitoring journey equipment on a permanent basis. The lawmakers also supplement this with further punishments for transport business establishments. In particular, apart from suspending their transport operation routes for up to 03 months, such establishments would be suspended from conducting any business for up to 03 months in case of violation of provisions stipulated in Article 22.5 of Circular 10.

By Vietnam Law Insight.

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